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The "sound" of emotion, expressed through film, can be described as the magical interplay of music, sound-effects, and voice to picture - collectively these "sound" elements form the "soundscape" of any film. Sound is inextricably "melded" to, and is unique to any film, actor, story, and scene. It is this unique "Film Sound" that breathes life into the film, which we dream up, imagine, create, assemble, engineer and deliver - in a special way so as to create an emotionally charged "immersive" experience. Conjuring up sound effects, establishing effective and audible dialogue, designing sound and incorporating emotive music and "weaving" these into the tapestry of the film is what we do best! Working to enhance the "feel" of the film, and bringing to life the true emotion of the story!

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One of the most interesting series I mixed on the life and times of Nelson Mandela! Producer: Chris Nicklin - Sabido Productions
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Greg McEwan-Kocovaos "Working with people who live to dream, who are drawn to exploring emotion and telling important thought-provoking stories through the magic that is film, has been an on-going inspiration to me. Being part of a creative team and the imaginative production process, being given the privilege of "touching" people through the creation of sound and music in film - is what captivates and motivates me most".
Greg Kocovaos
Sound Editor/Director
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